The Top 3 Benefits of Emu Oil

Posted Mar 7, 2018, 11:12 AM by sarah

Emu oil is the perfect moisturizer for hands and cuticles.

Emu oil has been used as a traditional healing treatment by the Aboriginal people of Australia for thousands of years. Today, science is uncovering the health benefits that make this powerful healing oil so great.

Here are the top 3.

First, what is emu oil? A little history.

Emu oil is an animal oil that comes from a large fatty deposit that runs along the bird’s back.

We separate it from the fat when we harvest the bird for its lean red meat. Then we send it to our certified processor to be naturally cleaned and prepared for use as a Grade A oil (for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and dietary supplements; often called fully refined emu oil) or put into gel caps for easy swallowing.

Though it’s widely suspected that the oil has been used for thousands of years by Aboriginal Australians, its first use by modern-day people was recorded in 1860 by naturalist George Bennett in Gatherings of a Naturalist in Australia.

In his book, Bennett suggests that the Aboriginals shared their knowledge of emu oil as a pain reliever with cattle-herders and settlers, who rubbed it on their bodies to relieve muscle pain and promote wound healing. (1)

Today we know why.

Benefit #1: Reduces inflammation and pain

It’s because emu oil contains a complete balance of essential and non-essential fatty acids which boast anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

These fatty-acids include:

  • Omega-3 — Linolenic acid
  • Omega-6 — Linoleic acid
  • Omega-9 — Oleic acid
  • Omega-11 – Gadoleic acid

(What makes these fatty-acids essential? Your body doesn’t produce them so you must get them from food sources. Your body produces non-essential fatty acids, like Omega-9, and it benefits even more when you get them from food sources.)

These fatty acids contained in emu oil have powerful and potent inflammatory properties, which is why the oil would have soothed those herder’s aching joints.

In fact, a study published in Inflammopharmacology found that when you apply emu oil to the skin topically, its anti-inflammatory properties are just as effective as taking ibuprofen. (2)

Hello natural pain relief!

And because emu oil is so great at decreasing swelling, it’s the perfect treatment for arthritis, post-workout muscle soreness, recovering sprains, and even relieving headaches.

Benefit #2: Moisturizes dry skin, hair, and cuticles

But wait, it get better.

It’s also a superior moisturizer.

Emu oil is transdermal. That means it absorbs easily into your skin because it contains fatty acids that have a similar makeup to the ones already present in your skin. It can therefore pass easily through your skin's outermost layer and carry nutrients even deeper than many man-made lotions. (3)

Unlike many oils, emu oil is hypoallergenic, which makes it useful in treating skin conditions like psoriasis, hypopigmentation, eczema, and chronically dry or cracking skin. It’s gentle enough to use on your face as a daily moisturizer because it’s non-comedogenic, which means it’s doesn’t clog pores, and also works hard enough to soothe wind and sunburns.

What’s more, because emu oil absorbs quickly into the skin, its non-greasy and leaves no lasting residue. You’ll never have to worry about leaving greasy fingerprints on your keyboard or phone again.

Benefit #3: Relieves gastrointestinal discomfort

From Crohn’s disease — a chronic inflammatory bowel disease — to mucositis —the painful inflammation and ulceration of membranes lining the digestive tract, often induced by chemotherapy and radiation for cancer treatment — emu oil can help.

A study published in 2016 showed emu oil combined with other agents significantly reduced small intestinal inflammation, which could offer cancer patients suffering from mucositis some much needed relief. (4)

In addition, when the emu oil was combined with aloe vera in treating Crohn’s disease, a study found it had better results than taking a common pharmaceutical medication used in the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease. (5)

That’s great news, especially for those who struggle with the constant management of an irritable bowel. Emu oil, added to your treatment, has the potential to soothe and calm that irritation, and help you live a better quality of life.

How to reap the top three benefits

Science is just cracking the surface on the health benefits of emu oil, but the results are so promising. These top three are just the beginning. So if you’re looking to start reaping the benefits of emu oil, next time you’re having sore muscles or stiff joints, instead of reaching for the ibuprofen, reach for the emu oil.

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