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100% all-natural American Emu Association Certified Fully Refined, Grade A Emu Oil.

Emu oil contains a complete balance of essential and non-essential fatty acids that your body needs, including:

  • Omega-3 — Linolenic acid
  • Omega-6 — Linoleic acid
  • Omega-9 — Oleic acid
  • Omega-11

In addition, emu oil is a potent inflammatory and acts as a perfect daily moisturizer, replenishing your skins natural oils.

Use as a daily moisturizer by applying the emu oil directly to your skin. It absorbs quickly, is non-greasy, and leaves no reside.

The perfect remedy for:

  • Dry skin
  • Arthritis and joint pain
  • Cracked cuticles
  • Dry or damaged hair
  • Dry scalp
  • Reducing stretch marks
  • Reducing scars
  • Promoting healing in bruises burns, cuts, and scraps

Hypo-allergenic. Free of parabens (chemical preservatives), dies, fragrance, soy, and gluten. Gentle enough for all skin-types.

Ingredients: Pure emu oil, natural vitamin E (0.15%). We add trace amounts of natural vitamin E, sometimes listed as tocopherol, to extend shelf life.

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