Topical Skin Serum + CBD Oil

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Ultra Clear Emu Oil infused with 1000 mg Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract (CBD)
1 fl. Oz (29.57 ml)

Thirsty skin and aching muscles don't stand a chance, because here to the ultimate rescue is Topical Skin Serum + CBD Oil. This powerful serum absorbs effortlessly to nourish, revitalize, and calm any skin type, including sensitive, aging and acne-prone.

The natural properties of Ultra Clear Emu Oil, which easily permeates your skin’s natural barriers without disrupting it’s balance, make it the most ideal carrier for delivering a powerfully soothing does of CBD exactly where you need it.

Handcrafted using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients, this serum will quickly become a staple in your skin-care routine.

Suggested Use: Apply a small amount as needed.

Ingredients: Emu Oil, Hemp Extract, Vitamin E.

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