Galentines Retreat

Galentine’s Day Comes to Yoke Farms

When girls just want to have fun, Yoke Farms delivers an unforgettable weekend with our upcoming Galentine’s Day retreat. This year, we’re offering a one-night stay in our retreat house, complete with a one-hour yoga session, a massage, and our exclusive Yoke Farms self-care creams made with our farm-harvested emu oil.


This holiday celebrates St. Valentine, the patron saint of love, peace, and healing – three core values of Yoke Farms that you’ll find sprinkled throughout our retreat house and property. Love is in the air here, not just in how you connect with a significant other but also in nurturing the connections to yourself and the world around you.


Here’s a peek at our Galentine’s Day retreat and how you can plan your escape with your best gal pals.

What is Galentine’s Day?

Made popular by the television show Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day is a day for women to celebrate their friendships and support for one another. It takes place on February 13th, just before the traditional Valentine’s Day. 


This unofficial holiday has grown in popularity as a way for women to come together and cherish their female friendships in a fun and meaningful way.

Yoke Farms Galentine’s Day: What’s on the Menu

Galentine’s Day isn’t just about pink decorations and chocolate; it’s a chance to appreciate the supportive, empowering relationships we have with our friends. Women can use this day as an opportunity to bond, uplift each other, and foster deeper connections.


That’s why we’ve curated a fun weekend celebrating the art of self-care while having opportunities to build new friendships. The Galentine’s Day retreat includes:


  • A one-night stay in our beautiful Retreat House
  • One-hour massage
  • Group yoga session, suitable for all skill levels
  • Yoke Farms self-care products: Antioxidant Facial Cream, Topical Skin Serum, and Emu Oil Soothing Cream
  • Access to the farm for exploration
  • Retreat House amenities, including movie theatre, gourmet kitchen, high-speed WiFi, laundry room, and on-site concierge

Venture through the farm grounds to reconnect with nature along a multitude of paths. Some of the new “friends” you’ll meet along the way include our emus, peacocks, horses, dogs, and cats that call our farm home.


Bookings are $500 per person for the one-night stay, with a 10% discount using coupon code GALENTINES when you book before February 5, 2024.

Escape with Your BFFs for a Weekend of Self-Care

Our retreat emulates what Saint Valentine represents, from the curated activities to the bees and the trees. The bees return to the farm in the spring for a summer and fall honey harvest. And currently, our emus are laying their eggs that will hatch in the next 60-70 days. 


Three retreats are available: February 10-11, February 17-18, and February 24-25 Secure your spot at the ultimate Galentine’s Day retreat for two days of self-care, indulgence, and connection with nature and each other.