Pure Emu Oil and the Brain: Can Emu Oil Promote Healthy Brain Function?

The secret’s out: pure Emu oil has been touted as helping a variety of health factors, from inflammation and high cholesterol to healthier hair and skin. Such claims are generally met with skepticism (because how can one simple product pack so much power?), but there’s plenty of scientific evidence to support these claims, particularly surrounding its effects on brain health.

The brain’s structure alone makes a strong case for how pure Emu oil plays a role in brain health. Combined with Emu oil’s high content of omega fatty acids, it’s easy to see how it contributes to healthy brain function and development.

Your Brain Needs Essential Fatty Acids to Thrive

Your brain is the fattest organ in your body, consisting of at least 60 percent fat.

Research has long shown that essential fatty acids (EFAs) are required to maintain optimal brain health, but they cannot be synthesized by the body and must be obtained from dietary sources. Such sources include fish (rich in Omega 3 fatty acids), chia seeds, walnuts, oysters, shrimp, and kidney beans, among others.

EFAs, particularly alpha-linolenic acid (omega-3) and linolenic acid (omega-6) are essential to the body for many reasons. They help to form healthy cell membranes, promote proper adrenal and thyroid activity, and produce hormones. They regulate blood pressure, healthy liver function, inflammatory responses, and proper blood clotting. And as an added benefit, fatty acids can keep your skin and hair healthy and attractive.

A few brain facts for perspective:

  • The composition of the brain is 77-78% water, 10-12% lipids, 8% protein, 1% carbs, 2% soluble organics, and 1% inorganic salt.
  • The cerebellum (part of the brain that controls motor movements) contains half of all the neurons in the brain but comprises only 10% of the brain.
  • The cerebral cortex (where most information processing occurs) is about 85% of the brain.
  • There are about 100 billion neurons in the human brain, the same number of stars in our galaxy. ● Approximately 750-1000ml of blood flow through the brain every minute, which is about three full soda cans. In that minute, the brain will consume 46cm3 (1/5 cups) of oxygen from that blood.

Think of your brain as the God center. The brain has about 70,000 thoughts per day. It accounts for roughly 2% of your body weight but uses 20% of your body’s energy — enough to light a 25watt light bulb! More electrical impulses are generated in one day by a single human brain than by all the telephones in the world. It both sends and receives signals to the body and needs to be functioning optimally to transmit these signals.

If the brain becomes out of balance, it can affect your entire health profile, including sleep cycles, body temperature regulations, metabolism, hair and skin health, feelings of happiness and well-being, cognition, and digestion, to name a few.

Clinical observation studies have related an imbalanced dietary intake of fatty acids to impaired brain performance and diseases. All of the brain areas mentioned above will benefit from the fuel that essential fatty acids provide.

As we further unlock the mystery of how fatty acids affect the brain and better understand the brain’s critical dependence on specific EFAs, we can better ensure that we receive the correct intake of the appropriate diet or supplements in pursuit of optimal wellness.

Pure Emu Oil’s Role in an EFA-Rich Diet

Though essential fatty acid deficiency is rare, many Americans are barely getting enough. Emu oil is now being looked at as a way to fill in the nutritional gaps that can promote healthy brain function and other benefits.

Pure Emu oil is comprised of 70% essential fatty acids, including the critical Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids. Because of its comprehensive structure of multiple fatty acids, it’s being touted as a better alternative to fish oil, which is usually consumed for its Omega-3 fatty acid content.

Emu oil also has a high concentration of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy resource your body uses to convert the EFA’s into prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are tissue-like hormones that control all bodily functions at the cellular level. Essential fatty acids have been proven to stimulate the bodies metabolism and increase the ability to burn stored saturated fats.

Our recent blog post breaks down the various essential fatty acids in Emu oil in more detail.

How to Add Emu Oil to Your Daily Diet and Improve Brain Health

Though there hasn’t been much research on Emu oil’s effect on the brain specifically, infinite research has already been done on the effects of essential fatty acids and how they improve brain function. Given that pure Emu oil is a major source of multiple EFAs, it’s easy to connect the dots and understand how your brain health can benefit from including it in your diet. Emu oil is one of the easiest ways to ensure your brain gets the fatty acids it needs. Our online store offers pure Emu oil that can be taken orally in capsule form to fill in the nutritional gaps your diet leaves behind.

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