The 3 Types of Metabolism and How to Cater to Yours

Everyone has a metabolism. But did you know there are three different types of metabolism?

If you’ve ever seen someone constantly eating and not gaining a single pound, whereas you could look at a slice of cake and gain weight, the different metabolism types could help to explain why.

These three metabolism types are endomorph, ectomorph, and mesomorph. And though these words will likely never appear in casual conversation, it’s still essential that you understand the differences, know your type of metabolism, and how to use this knowledge to fitness advantage.

Let’s dive in!

Endomorph Metabolism

Endomorphs are characterized by a softer, rounder body or a short, stocky build. If you gain muscle and/or fat easily but find fat hard to lose, then consider yourself an endomorph. Endomorphs have a slow metabolism, so it’s easy for them to gain weight (most of which is fat, not muscle).

When it comes to fitness and training, a blend of cardio and strength training can help prevent fat gains. For dieting, you’ll want to lower your carb intake and increase your protein and fats. In most cases, supplements aren’t necessary as long as you are including enough protein in your diet.

Ectomorph Metabolism

People with an ectomorph metabolism tend to be smaller in frame and bone structure. They’re naturally thinner, leaner, and often find it hard to gain weight. They have a fast metabolism, which allows them to burn up calories quicker than other metabolism types. To gain weight, ectomorphs usually need a huge caloric intake.

For ectomorphs, workouts should focus on the big muscle groups. Make sure you include a blend of cardio and strength training, with more focus on strength training than cardio. Workouts that target specific muscle groups rather than full body movements are usually best.

As with any training program, diet is a major part of results. Starchy carbs can be your best friend because they’re high in calories and give you quick energy to power through intense workouts. Because ectomorphs have to eat such a large number of calories, supplements can be a game changer. It’s also a good idea to eat before bed to prevent muscle catabolism during the night.

Mesomorph Metabolism

Also referred to as the athlete’s body, mesomorph metabolism types usually have rectangular-shaped body and muscular build. This type gains fat more easily than the ectomorph, so you’ll want to watch your caloric intake. They also have an easier time losing weight compared to endomorphs. This is considered the ideal type for bodybuilding.

Why Metabolism Type Matters

It’s not uncommon to consider yourself a blend of two or more different metabolism types. Most people find they overlap with two.

The reason why finding your metabolism type(s) is important is because of its role in your fitness routine. Your metabolism determines how your body converts calories into energy, much like how a car uses gasoline to drive.

Some metabolism types will use fuel immediately upon entering your body (these are ectomorphs). Others may allow fuel to hang out for a bit before using it (common with mesomorphs and endomorphs).

Understanding your metabolism and how it works for your body can give you the best chance of making food work for you. This means feeding your body the right foods that will allow you to reach your goals faster, whether it’s putting on muscle or shedding fat.

How to Improve Your Metabolism, Regardless of Body Type

If you’re not satisfied with the metabolism nature gave you, you’ll be glad to know there are some things you can do to improve your metabolic rate.  Let’s look at some of your options:

Build Muscle

Muscle burns calories, even when you’re not exercising. In a study of 48 overweight women, the group that did resistance training demonstrated a higher metabolism than those who did aerobic exercise or no exercise.

Eat Protein

Eating stimulates your metabolism because it requires extra energy to process all the food you take in. Protein causes the largest thermic effect of food and can increase your metabolism up to 30%, compared to just 10% for carbs or 3% for fats.

Drink Cold Water

Drinking cold water packs a one-two punch for metabolic rates. For starters, it can increase resting metabolism up to 30% for about an hour after drinking it. And if you’re drinking cold water, your metabolism also increases as your body is trying to increase its temperature.

Eat Small Meals and Snacks

Eating smaller amounts in shorter intervals prevents your body from going into starvation mode and keeps your metabolism humming along. It encourages your metabolism to continually burn through fuel instead of doing the start-stop that’s common with three large meals a day.

Get a Full Night’s Sleep

Lack of sleep can take a toll on metabolism, which is one reason why it’s been commonly associated with obesity. Sleep has been shown to increase the hunger suppressing hormone leptin and decrease the hunger hormone ghrelin.

Stand Instead of Sit

Sitting is being compared to the new smoking. However, studies show that standing at work can burn an extra 174 calories compared to sitting. Calorie burn keeps your metabolism running, so trade your chair for a standing desk if possible.

As we covered in a recent blog post, brown fat burns at a faster rate than white fat. Brown fat generates heat, a process called thermogenesis. Its main role is to turn food into body heat. When you consume more healthy fats, they convert into brown fat and don’t linger for as long in your body.

Emu oil is rich in lipids, which are the building blocks of brown fat. It also contains the entire fatty acid chain, and when you can balance this chain in your diet, your brown fat production increases. Emu oil supplements can be an excellent addition to your health and fitness routine because of its positive impact on metabolism.

The real focus should be on your fitness goals and working from there. If your metabolism is slow, then focusing on ways to improve your metabolism should be top priorities. And if your metabolism is so fast you’re not getting the gains you want, then the right supplements can help to support your caloric intake.

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